Wednesday 3rd April 2024

A field of 36 players registered for a Stroke and Putts Championship Round 1 event today.

The Winners today were:

1st:       Paul Green with 24

2nd:      Des Jackson with 34

3rd:       Margaret Downey with 35

4th:       Ray Downey with 36 (countback)

5th:       Terry Milliken with 36

6th:       Mike Birks with 37

7th:       Herb Muriwai with 37

8th:       Tony Crook with 37

9th:       Shirley Quinlan with 37

10th:     Jane Eglitis with 37

11th:      Derek Hoare with 37

12th:     Jeanette Miller with 37

Putts:   Frank Pomfret with 12

Nearest to the Pins:

4th:       Des Jackson (Hole in One!)

6th:       Steve Gardner

7th:       Ladies: Shirley Quinlan

Mens:  Terry Milliken

Accuracy:  Greg Bush

Bradmans:  Sandra Hanlon

Winner:  Paul Green

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