Tuesday 27th February 2024

A field of 18 players registered for a Stroke event today. The event was
sponsored by Shirley Quinlan. The game was played in challenging conditions with several showers of rain falling.

The Winners were:

A Grade 1st: Gail Page (23) with 72 net.
A Grade 2nd: Christine Wratten (32) with 80 net.
B Grade 1st: Cate O’Brien (38) with 80 net.
B Grade 2nd: Jeanette Miller (38) with 84 net.
C Grade 1st: Julie Barningham (45) with 74 net.
C Grade 2nd: Dianne Brown (45) with 82 net.

Lowest off the stick:

Gail Page with 95

Nearest to the Pins:

6th: Teri Swanbury
15th: Gail Page
7th: Teri Swanbury (HC 1-35)
Julie Barningham (HC 36-45)

Balls went to:

Teri Swanbury 81, Gail Rogers 81, Leonie Doolan 81 and Jennifer Gray 84.

Winners: Julie Barningham, Cate O’Brien and Gail Page.

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