THCC Board Newsletter December 2022

Fellow Members
It has been a little time since our previous information members but with the approaching festive season we would like to take the opportunity to wish you all the best for the season and at the same time share some information about what has been going on in Club Tuross.
There have been a couple of changes at Board level – Mike Birks and Chris Walsh have both retired, Beverly Theobald is our new Vice President and Peter Macdonald our new Treasurer. Don Rankin has agreed to join the Board – Don has previous experience in the hospitality industry and that will be invaluable. Without the untiring efforts of all our volunteers stepping up at all levels this club could not move forward so please accept our gratitude.
The club is continuing to prepare for the festive season and our Chief Executive Peter Price has been working tirelessly to get things ready for what we hope will be a great time at the club. The club has been able to engage entertainment your enjoyment over the season and the ever-popular New Year’ Fireworks are locked in for 9.30pm on New Years’ Eve so we look forward to seeing as many members and guests as possible. Details what is happening at the club are on our website and social media.
Just to mention a couple of things we regularly have available:
• Oceangrill Bistro
• Golf Course and Pro- Shop
• Bowling Greens
• Live Music
• Trivia on Wednesday and Sunday
• Membership Draw on Thursday Night
• Raffles and Joker Draw on Friday night
• Community Bingo on Friday morning
• Community Bus
At long last the weather seems to be a whole lot kinder to us and we are ever hopeful (touch wood) that this will continue. We plan to have our sporting facilities in full swing for your enjoyment after significant weather interruptions during the Year. Again, thanks to our greenkeeping staff for the work they have undertaken to get our facilities back in shape – it is simply impossible to describe the difference a month or two can make. The golf course has previously been unplayable for months due to the weather, but it is now in tip top condition.
The Bowling greens will also be available if you want to give bowls a try during the break, booking and playing fees for golf and bowls will be looked after and collected at the club front counter. Please do the right thing, these facilities do come at considerable cost to the club members so playing fees for non-members and guests are collected to offset our costs and keep memberships at a competitive level.
If you have not had the opportunity to visit the club recently you cannot help but notice that we have been able acquire new furniture to replace furniture which had long ago reached its use by date. Thanks to Peter for his work with Carlton United Breweries to get this organised at no cost to the members through the CUB promotional program. This program is ongoing and we already have some thoughts about the next steps in improving the members facilities inside the club.
The club has changed and commenced modernisation of its gaming area and we are confident that members will continue to benefit from these changes.
On more mundane matters the clubs’ financial position has been very adversely affected by the downturn in trading caused by the closure of our sporting facilities (and COVID hangover) and this was reflected to some extent in the trading figure for last trading year reported at the AGM. We are looking forward to a bumper new year season with plenty of people enjoying our facilities and things will look up.
A couple of final messages, please be kind to all our staff. The pressure on the hospitality industry is unprecedented and we all need to recognise that staff are trying to do their best at the busiest time of the year. A kind word never hurt anyone.
Club Tuross looks forward to seeing you all and enjoying the festive Season

THCC Board
December 2022

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