Saturday 9th March 2024

An excellent field of 74 starters although 2 players found the going too tough and retired after 4 holes. Anyway, congratulations to all winners especially Tony Brown who beat me by 1 point, ah well thats golf.  Well done Tony.

Any one wishing to play on the 14th & 16th March and haven’t got their name on the timesheet yet, you only need to put it in  the console into Golf Magic. All names entered  will be transferred to the OneGolf timesheet on Tuesday before we go live on to the new system on the 14th March. After this date you will be entering into the OneGolf console or the website.

A message from the Greenkeeper about driving and parking within 5 metres of greens.  Any motorised vehicle whether it be one you sit in or stand on you are reminded not to be within 5 metres of the greens. At the moment in the growing season the grass recovers fairly quickly but in the dormant season it doesn’t recover as well.  So always be mindful of where you park and drive.

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