Saturday 4th May 202

A field of 54 players registered for the Men’s Monthly Medal Stroke event.  The weather was cold and wet, but 40 brave players battled the elements to the end.

The Winners were:

A Grade:          1st:       Mark Schenk  (Medal) (10) 72 net

2nd:      Colin Houghton (0) 74 net

B Grade:          1st:       David Schmid  (Medal) (17) 70 net

2nd:      Steve Collins (16) 72 net

C Grade:          1st:       Derek Hoare  (Medal) (30) 74 net (countback)

2nd:      Steve Johnston (23) 74 net

David Schmid was the overall winner on the day.

Nearest to the Pins:

4A:       Colin Houghton           3.46

4B:       William Steenbergen  0.48

4C:       Ross Richardson          2.15

6A:       Colin Houghton           1.86

6B:       Michael Coloe             6.02

7A:       Mark Schenk               2.39

Shane Gschwend won the Putting Competition

Balls went to:

Allan Langford 73, Troy Kingdom 75, Ian Manton 75, Peter Garn 76, Michael Elfar 76,

Ian Miller 76, Ethan Wong 77, Brad Doolan 77, Lars Gaupset 77, Ken Hush 77,

John Eglitis 78, Terry Milliken 78, Anthony Mellick 79, Darrel Kildey 79 and

Paul Medwin 80.

Winner:  Lars Gaupset congratulating the winner David Schmid

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