Open Pennant – Round 2 Results

Tuross Head Bowling Club found the going challenging in the second round of the Open Gender State Pennant. The Grade 5 side hosted the very strong Malua Bay Grade 4 side while the Grade 7 side travelled to play the Tomakin Grade 6 side.

Rose Farrington, Sue Fahey, Peter Macdonald and Bruce Lidbury started slowly in their match and were down 10 – 0 after four ends in what proved to be a roller coaster of a game! By the 12th end Tuross had given themselves a chance when they cut the deficit to 14 – 11. Malua Bay eased further ahead to 18 – 12 after 16 ends. Two good ends from the Tuross players narrowed the score to 18 – 17. The 20th end proved to be crucial with Tuross picking up 5 shots to grab the lead for the first time in the game at 22 – 19. They restricted Malua Bay to one shot on the last end to secure a 22 – 20 victory.

Geoff Lee, Bruce Magilton, Marcel Kors and Denise Lidbury had a very close tussle on their rink. After 11 ends Malua Bay led 12 – 10 before Tuross took the lead – 14 to 13 – after scoring 4 shots on the 13th end. Malua Bay won the next three ends to regain the lead at 20 – 14. It was then Tuross’s turn to dominate. They won three ends in a row to see them only 1 shot behind at 20 – 19 with two ends to play. Malua Bay won two very tightly contested ends to take the game 22 – 19.

Doreen Monks, Noel Downie , Irene Macdonald and John Monks started very well on their rink to lead 8 – 0 after 4 ends. Unfortunately, they only managed to win three more ends as the Malua Bay players dominated the game. They finished with an imposing victory 28 – 11.

Malua Bay won the contest 70 shots to 52. The one rink win to Tuross resulted in the final result being 9 – 1 in favour of the visitors.

The Grade 7 side had a close battle with Tomakin with the final result 53 shots to 48 to Tomakin. Peter Christie, John Wagstaff, Rob Payne and Allan Etheredge set up a 10 – 1 lead after 5 ends and, despite a mid-game fightback from Tomakin, managed to stay in front for the entire game. After 13 ends the game was very close at 11 – 10 in favour of Tuross. With Rob Payne leading the way the side won 6 of the last 8 ends to run out 21 – 13 winners.

Marg Downey, Dagmar Voges, Graham Garner and Ray Downey had the better of a very tight start to their game. After 10 ends Tuross had a 9 – 3 advantage. The game then changed when Tomakin altered their tactics and started to play longer ends. The conditions challenged the Tuross players and they conceded 10 shots over the next 4 ends to slip behind 13 – 9 after 14 ends. Tuross hit back to narrow the gap to 14 – 13 after 18 ends. However, Tomakin held their nerve to record a 17 – 15 win.

After a close start Des Jackson, Lorraine Wake, Alan McLeod and Lorraine Bird were behind 5 – 6 after 7 ends. Then, in a game dominated by the Tomakin Skip, the locals pushed on to a very good 23 – 12 win. This proved to be the difference between the two sides enabling Tomakin record the overall win 53 – 48. They scored a 9 points to 1 victory.

Next week the Grade 5 are away to Narooma’s Grade 5 while the Grade 7 side has the trip ‘up the hill’ to play the Braidwood Grade 6 side.

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