Mixed Fortunes for Pennant Sides

Tuross Head Open Pennant sides had mixed results in the latest round of the competition. The Grade 5 side had a successful trip to Braidwood maintaining their position at the top of the table in their grade. Unfortunately the Grade 7 side lost three close games at home to Moruya.

Leading the way in Braidwood was the team of Michael Challice, Peter Macdonald, Marcel Kors and Bruce Lidbury who recorded a convincing 23 – 11 victory. While the Braidwood side competed well the difference between the sides was that Tuross recorded several ‘multiples’ – including 4 scores of 3 shots. While Braidwood won 10 ends they only managed to score one shot on 9 of these ends.

Ivan Balentovic, Noel Downie, Rose Farrington and Irene Macdonald had a very tight bottle on their rink. After 16 ends they trailed 11 – 13 but the 17th end proved to be critical. On this end the Tuross side picked up a massive score of 7 shots to take the lead 18 – 13. They consolidated this lead with a further 2 shots on the next end. While Braidwood won the next two ends Tuross won the game 21 – 15.

On the third rink Geoff Lee, Sue Fahey, John Fahey and Denise Lidbury struggled to gain any momentum after a slow start. They fought back in the middle ends to be only behind 9 -10 after 12 ends. They had another stagnant period when Braidwood increased their lead to 17 – 10 after 16 ends. The Tuross side finished strongly to see the locals win 20 – 15.

Tuross won overall 59 – 46 and picked up 9 points to Braidwood’s 1. Their lead on the competition table was reduced by one with second placed Bodalla winning their game 10 – 0. Tuross has 55.50 points while Bodalla has 40.50 points and the advantage of having a game in hand. In the next round, which is Tuross’s last game, the top two sides play one another at Tuross in a must win game for both sides. Bodalla play bottom of the table Braidwood at Bodalla in the final round.

The Grade 7 side had a close tussle on all three rinks against Moruya at home but they could not manage a rink win and lost 10 – 0. Bill Burch, Ray Brown, Di Challice and Lorraine Bird had 3 bad ends in their game that resulted in them going down 21 – 20 in a very close battle. They fought hard to be in front 18 – 16 after 18 ends only to drop 4 shots on the 19th end.

The other two rinks were also low scoring but the Moruya sides were able to keep their noses in front throughout. Allan Etheredge’s team lost 16 – 20 while Doug Williams went down 12 – 18.

Moruya kept their title hopes alive with a 59 – 48 win overall but in winning all three rinks they picked up a crucial 10 points. They have a game in hand but finish with two tough games against Malua Bay and Bermagui to go. On the table Bermagui are on top with 57 points but they have a bye in the next round. Moruya are second on 41.50. They need to win both of their remaining matches to grab the top spot.

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