Grade 5 Pennant Side Continues its Winning Run

The Tuross Head Grade 5 pennant side continued its winning run with a very exciting, close win over Braidwood in round 3 of the competition. Unfortunately, the Grade 7 side went down to Moruya. Both games were very similar in that the winning side relied on victories in one-sided matches despite losing 2 of the 3 rinks.

At Tuross Braidwood had comfortable wins on two rinks with Bruce Lidbury’s side losing 23 – 16 and Denise Lidbury’s four going down 23 – 13. In the third game Des Jackson, Doreen Monks, Irene Macdonald and John Monks dominated their game to win 29 – 8.

The margin in Monks’ game kept the overall score very close throughout. After 60 of the 63 ends the scores were locked at 53 all. Braidwood won the 61st end to move ahead 54 – 53. Monks still had 2 ends to play. On the 20th end of their game they scored 2 shots to move Tuross ahead at 55 – 54.

Scoreboard after 60 ends

The match was still alive with the last end to play! Irene Macdonald played the key bowls on this end. With her first bowl she drew very close to the jack that had been moved within a metre of the ditch. She followed this up with another close bowl to give Tuross the advantage. Neither of the skips could match her bowls but another Tuross bowl was pushed up resulting in the home team scoring 3 shots on the end and giving their side a thrilling 58 – 54 victory.

Irene Macdonald bowling on the last end of her game

With just the one rink win Tuross won the contest 8 – 2. After 3 rounds Tuross is well in front with 27 points. Braidwood is on 11, Narooma and Moruya on 10 and Bodalla is on 2. Braidwood, Narooma and Bodalla have a game in hand as they have each had a bye.

The result in the Grade 7 match at Moruya was also decided by a very one sided match. The teams skipped by Col Fletcher and Ray Downey won their rinks but Allan Etheredge’s four was well out played by their Moruya opponents. Fletcher won 23 – 15 and Downey managed to hang on for a 18 – 16 victory after leading 12 – 1 after eight ends! Etheredge went down 36 – 18.

Moruya ran out winners 67 – 59. They picked up 8 points while Tuross were awarded 2. After three rounds in this grade the point score is Bermagui 20, Moruya 18, Tuross 12, Malua Bay 10 and Tomakin 0. Malua Bay, Moruya and Tomakin have a game in hand as they have had a bye.

Next week both of the Tuross sides will travel – Grade 5 to Bodalla and the Grade 7 will play in Tomakin.

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