Goblet fishing competition

Hi Members
Club members finally got good weather for our monthly Goblet fishing competition. Conditions on the water were perfect for fishing and fish seemed to be on the bite. Two Goblet awards were up for grabs, finding two worthy winners.
January Goblet, Whiting, was won by Merv Roberts catching a wonderful fish at 40.5cm worth 99.26pts.
Carry over October Goblet, Pigfish, was finally taken out by David Backhouse catching a 38cm Pigfish worth 91.88pts.
Mens Lake and Estuary winner was Bruce Kennedy with a Bream 35.6cm worth 100.7pts.
Women’s Lake and Estuary winner was Pam Alexander catching a good Flathead 51.7cm worth 76.16pts. Carol Kenney’s Bream only a couple of points away.A bit of boat rivalry.
Mens Outside was won by David Backhouse with the Pigfish of 38cm worth 99.26pts.
Women’s Outside was contested between two sisters with Alison Skilton coming out on top catching a Morwong 49cm. worth 93.27pts.
Mens Rock and Beach was won by Mike Blomfield catching an excellent Salmon 57.4cm worth 98.5pts.
No winner for Women’s Rock and Beach.
The Junior division was won by Christopher Westbury with a Bream 33.7cm worth 88.03pts.
Mystery Fish no.13 , Nannygai, 27cm. was jointly won by Chris Hammer and Gavin Robinson who had caught Nannygai 26cm. and 28cm.
Turkey of the Month was awarded to Chris Hammer who somehow happened to knock over the bucket of prawns whilst prawning and seeing his catch swim away, Luckily he retrieved some.
The number of fish I recorded for the weekend was an outstanding 74 fish with 17 members recording fish and 15 different species listed.
February Goblet weekend is Fri.17th – Sun.19th Target fish will be Garfish .Fingers crossed for more good weather.

Regards Neil Alexander Comp. Sec.

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