ESCAP Grant Update

This is our first update on how the project is coming along as we have quickly hit the 50% of the funding being used.

Firstly we have targeted section 1 of 3 for the installation of concrete cart pathing, this area is 240 metres long at the lowest point of our golf course. We have targeted it first as it is the wettest area all year round, It starts at our 7th tee off area then the path runs along the dam all the way to the 8th tee off. Dalmeny Concreting were contracted to complete stage 1 for all formwork, pouring and finishing of the concrete path to the highest quality, once the formwork was removed my team then had the task of blending the path into to landscape by back filling the edges with soil and then laying turf along the sides. Section 1 has made a huge impact and has reached all expectations we hoped to achieve both functionality and aesthetically , we now have 100% access from the 7th to 8th tees now no matter how wet we get from severe weather and also given a plain golf hole some character.

Secondly we have purchased the new attachments for the Ventrac machine which were the trench digger and tip bucket which will be used mostly for the drainage work, also the bucket has been extremely helpful with the back filling of the concrete path edges.

Thirdly is the commencement of the huge drainage task ahead of us. The main PVC pipe line is first to be installed, We have currently installed 60m of the main line with a storm water pits every 30m to connect new and existing drainage and also allowing catchment of surface water when rainfall hits. All plumbing materials such as pvc pipe, ag line pipe and storm water pits have been purchased and are stored on site. A small amount of 20mm rubble has been purchased for linking in existing drainage at this stage, it wont be until the main line is complete and we start the ag line and slit drainage that the bulk of the rubble and river sand is required.

Overall we have made rapid progress in the first 6 weeks. The pathing will require more funding to be released to commence stage 2 of 3 which will either be the pathing around the 2nd green/3rd tee area or the 3rd green/ 4th tee area. The drainage will continue around day to day operations and use the funding around what is left from the next funding allocation after stage 2 of concrete pathing. Very happy with progress and we are In front  of schedule.

Many Thanks
Team Leader/Head Greenkeeper
Tim Watson

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