Consistency Singles Quarter Finals Played

The quarter finals in the 2023/4 Consistency Singles have been completed.  This is a special version of bowls where the aim is to get as close as possible to the jack that does not move as an end is played.  If a player moves the jack it is replaced in it’s original position.  Points are awarded for the four closest bowls to the jack.  The closest receives 4 points, the second receives 3 points, the third 2 points and the fourth 1 point.  A total of 10 points is available each end with the winner of the game the first to 150 points.

Mick Challice and Ray Downey  played the closest of the matches that wasn’t decided until the last end.  Downey started well jumping out to a 29 – 11 lead after 4 ends.  Challice cut into the lead as the two players settled into a tight battle.  By the eleventh end Downey was still in front but his lead was just 6 points at 58 to 52.

He was able to extend this lead to 89 – 71 after 16 ends before Challice took over and by the twentieth end the scores were locked at 100 all.  The lead fluctuated over the next few ends but remained close.  Downey led 135 – 133 after 27 ends but Challice hit the front and with one end to play had a slender 146 to 144 lead,  It was anyone’s game with an end to go.  The players shared the spoils on this end with Challice winning the game 151 – 149!

Previous winner of this championship, Noel Downie, demonstrated that he will be hard to beat when he recorded a good victory over the in-form Marcel Kors.  Downie led from the start and managed to keep his lead despite Kors playing some excellent bowls. By the fifteenth end Downie led 80 – 70 and over the next passage of play either squared or won ten ends in a row.  This meant by the 25th end he was in front 146 to 104.  Kors had one last flurry when he took all 10 points on the next end but Downie rallied with 7 points on the 27th end to take the game 153 to 117.

Chris Coddington played John Wagstaff in a real battle of the specialist draw bowlers – one with plenty of past glory and one setting out to chase his chance for glory!  And it was the relatively new bowler who made the most of his chances in this match.  Coddington had a great start and by the seventh end lead 51 – 19.  While Wagstaff fought back every time he looked like really narrowing the margin, Coddington would again kick away.  In the end Coddington moved on to the semi-finals with a very good 151 – 109 victory.

In the final game John Fahey continued on with his recent good form in his game against Doug Williams.  He won or drew 9 of the first 11 ends though, in most, the scores were close – 2 ends were drawn and 6 were won by the score of 6 – 4.  At this stage Fahey led 68 – 42.  He then consolidated his position by winning or drawing 12 of the next 13 ends.  As a result he moved into the semi-finals with a 152 – 88 victory.

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